Hi I am Tianyi Chen!

I am currently a third-year Ph.D. student in Applied Mathematics and Statistics department at Johns Hopkins University. I have the privilege of being mentored by Carey Priebe. I also work closely with Youngser Park, Avanti Athreya and Zachary Lubberts. Prior to this, I obtained my undergraduate degree in Statistics from Renmin University of China under the guidance of Professors Yang Li, Feifei Wang, and Xing Wang.

My research interests span across classical statistics and machine learning, particularly through the lens of traditional statistical or mathematical perspectives. I am currently involved in research on the time series of networks and a novel embedding method we called SPECTRAL MIRROR.

I am keen on providing statistical consulting services to researchers from a wide array of disciplines. At present, I am collaborating with neuroscientists to apply our proprietary method. More details can be found here.

In addition to my study of statistics, I have a broader interest in the pursuit of varied forms of knowledge. I’m always excited about new experiences. I have a deep appreciation for movies and literature, and during my undergraduate, I, along with my incredible friends, produced a short movie and a vlog. Additionally, I have a passion for philosophy, psychology, and learning about the natural world…